Did you know there is a specific hazmat certification required to ship items that are classified as hazardous materials and dangerous goods? These items can include anything from flammable perfumes to aerosol cans to lithium-ion batteries.

At Maine Labpack Inc., our experts are trained in dangerous goods shipping by air and ground. With all required International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Department of Transportation (DOT) training, we can ship your dangerous goods and hazardous materials to their destination, domestically and internationally.

Our Dangerous Goods Shipping Process

At Maine Labpack Inc. each hazmat shipment is personalized to your needs. This is how we work:

  1. Call us or submit a form with all fields filled-in to the best of your knowledge
  2. We classify and identify your materials according to international, federal, and state regulation
  3. Maine Labpack Inc. then generates all shipping paperwork for you including labels, markings, shippers declaration, waybills, etc.
  4. We mail you the materials needed for the shipment with detailed and personalized instructions
  5. You package your goods and deliver them to a licensed courier

Within New England, Maine Labpack offers onsite dangerous goods shipping services. Onsite services include the preparation and packing of hazardous materials by our certified team. Once packaged, the material is delivered to a local courier using our licensed fleet.

To inquire about our dangerous goods shipping services, please click the button below to request a shipping quote.