6 Reasons Small Businesses Need Professional Hazardous Waste Management

State and federal regulations for business hazardous waste disposal apply to any company, large or small, that generates hazardous waste. Even if you have a small business that generates a low volume of hazardous waste, by federal and state law, that small amount of hazardous waste needs to be handled properly for disposal. 

If you operate a small business that is generating hazardous waste you must first determine the amount and type of hazardous waste generated, and then acquire a hazardous waste permit. Though the EPA regulates hazardous waste, most hazardous waste permits are issued through state environmental agencies under federal guidelines. In Maine, that would be the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP). 

Once it is determined that a business generates hazardous waste they are assigned a generator status based upon the volume of hazardous waste the company produces. Under federal law and Maine law, a business’s generator status falls under one of three categories, appropriately named—Very Small Quantity Generators (VSQGs), Small Quantity Generators (SQGs), and Large Quantity Generators (LQGs), or the Maine equivalent quantity generator status, SQG, SQG Plus, and LQG. 

There are very few exceptions to the hazardous waste permit program. Businesses will need to check with the DEP to determine whether or not they are eligible for exemption. Otherwise, by law, the safe management of hazardous waste is not only the responsibility of the business generating it but, in general, an excellent idea for your self-preservation. Hazardous waste has the potential to pose a very serious threat to human health and the environment, which, regarding the latter, may include the contamination of your place of business, premises, or work site. 

Thus, even for small businesses, hazardous waste disposal presents many challenges beginning with its proper management from the cradle-to-the-grave by regulations. This means safe containment and storage, correct labeling, transportation, treatment, accident prevention, emergency response protocols if necessary, and more. All must be adhered to. 

Why Small Businesses Need Professional Hazardous Waste Disposal

Here are six important reasons that professional hazardous waste management services are essential for small businesses:

1. Compliance

As mentioned, the proper management and disposal of hazardous waste is mandated by federal and state regulations to protect public health and the environment. Businesses that generate hazardous waste must comply with the laws governing its proper management. Professional hazardous waste management services work with you to ensure your business complies with all relevant laws and regulations, avoiding potential liabilities.

2. Expertise and Resources

Professional hazardous waste management companies have the knowledge, experience, and resources to handle a wide range of hazardous materials safely and efficiently. They can guide waste classification, storage, transportation, and disposal, as well as ensure that regulatory requirements and best practices for managing hazardous waste are met. In doing so, small businesses are relieved of the burden of managing these complex processes internally.  

3. Cost-Efficiency

While it may seem like an additional expense upfront, professional hazardous waste management can save small businesses money in the long run. Mishandling of hazardous waste can lead to costly accidents and environmental cleanups, legal fees and fines, and damage to reputation that can result from improper waste management practices.

4. Safety

Handling hazardous waste requires specialized knowledge, equipment, and training to minimize the risk of accidents, spills, and exposure to harmful substances. Professional management services help mitigate these risks by implementing proper handling procedures, training employees on safety protocols, and ensuring compliance with regulations.

5. Focus on Business

Outsourcing hazardous waste management to professional services allows small businesses to focus on their core activities while ensuring compliance, safety, and environmental responsibility in waste management practices.

6. Peace of Mind

Entrusting hazardous waste management to professionals, small businesses can have peace of mind knowing that their waste is being handled safely, legally, and responsibly. By demonstrating a commitment to proper hazardous waste management, they can also enhance their reputation and brand image, attracting environmentally-conscious customers and investors.

Contact the Professionals at Maine Labpack

Maine Labpack is a professional hazardous waste management company that provides hazardous waste disposal for small businesses throughout the state and New England region. We are a licensed provider and offer comprehensive hazardous waste collection services to ensure our customers comply with Maine regulatory obligations. If you are unsure of or need help with your business hazardous waste disposal, contact the professionals at Maine Labpack.