Laboratory Relocation Services

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Laboratories may be relocated for a variety of reasons. Whether you’re expanding your operations to a new facility, renovating your current workspace, or decommissioning a plant, moving any amount of hazardous chemicals can be costly and complicated.

At Maine Labpack, we have the tools needed to safely, efficiently, and logistically relocate your laboratory or chemical inventory wherever you need.

Our methods of chemical waste disposal or relocation include:

  • Segregation of chemicals by hazard class and compatibility
  • Creating an inventory of all substances
  • Packing all segregated chemicals into DOT approved containers for transport
  • Transporting all products to their new destination, while operating under
  • Department of Transportation Special Permit 12998
  • Unpacking all chemicals in their new location and organizing them based on safety, compatibility, and your specific needs

Our team of experienced chemists is fully trained to move your chemicals using our licensed fleet while operating under all Department of Transportation (DOT), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), federal, state and local regulations.

In addition to our regular lab relocation services, Maine Labpack is also able to:

  • Relocate labs or chemicals across the same building or campus
  • Lab pack chemicals for disposal
  • Decontaminate and decommission facilities
  • Provide testing and identification of unknowns

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