Hazardous Chemical Waste Disposal Services

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Most laboratories produce waste as a byproduct of their processes. Oftentimes, chemicals expire or become obsolete- taking up valuable storage space. These chemicals need to be managed as hazardous waste and disposed of using the chemical lab pack process.

A lab pack is a process of managing small containerized hazardous and non-hazardous materials of five gallons or less for transportation and disposal. Maine Labpack’s chemists identify and segregate chemical waste, inventory all chemicals for disposal, and package the waste according to DOT and EPA guidelines. The waste is then labeled and marked for transport to a transfer, storage, and disposal facility (TSDF) for final destruction.

Our onsite procedure:

  1. Chemists arrive on-site. Our staff members need minimal supervision, only requiring a signature at the completion of the job.
  2. Chemicals are sorted in accordance with EPA and DOT regulations. This involves chemical identification, categorization, and segregation.
  3. A packing list is created. Our chemists will create an inventory list of all chemicals packaged in each container.
  4. Chemicals are packaged. Hazardous materials are packaged into a drum that can range from 5-55 gallons. An absorbent substance, like vermiculite, is then added to the filled container prior to shipment.
  5. Chemists provide and complete all necessary paperwork. This includes the hazardous waste manifest, land disposal restriction forms, packing slips, proper labels, and container markings.
  6. You sign off. After signing shipping documents and other legal paperwork, we remove and transport your chemicals for disposal.

If your laboratory, hospital, school, medical facility, or manufacturing company has unmanaged hazardous chemical waste, you are out of compliance.

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