Dangerous Goods: Marking & Labeling

Dangerous goods and hazardous materials are littered with various markings and labels. Each identifier on a package is there to alert you, transporters, and handlers of the inherent risks contained in the package. All shipping and handling information must be displayed and affixed to the outside of the container and meet specific size, color, and arrangement requirements. Continue reading to learn the differences between dangerous goods labels and markings.

Markings vs. Labels

Markings are divided into two distinct categories – marks that identify the design and specifications of a package and marks that identify the use of a particular package for shipment. Packaging use markings include:

  • A Proper Shipping Name (PSN) marker that includes a technical or chemical group name
  • Special Permit Numbers
  • Consignor and Consignee information including addresses, phone numbers, etc. 
  • Special hazard warnings such as marine pollutants, inhalation hazards, etc. 
  • “This end up” or package orientation markings

Labels are an even more specific marker on a package and are used to alert you of imminent danger. The 100 mm x 100mm diamond shaped markers found on a package containing dangerous goods are the foremost example of a label. These labels have a variety of very specific requirements:

  • Must be a specific color in correspondence with hazard class
  • Must be within 6 inches of a marking containing the PSN 
  • Must be affixed at a 45° angle 
  • Multiple hazard labels must be affixed adjacent to each other 

Leave It to the Professionals

While labeling a package may seem simple enough, when it comes to dangerous goods, there’s a layer of responsibility and liability dictated by a slew of regulations. Shipping hazardous materials requires certifications and training to identify hazards and determine the proper application of dangerous goods labels and markings on a package. 

At Maine Labpack, we have certified and trained professionals who are able to efficiently and safely package your hazardous materials for shipment. Need dangerous goods or hazardous materials shipped? Contact us today!