Lab Relocation: 5 Things You Need to Know

When building a new facility, often relocating a lab is not at the forefront of contractor’s or management’s minds. Not only do you need to pack and label chemicals for transportation, but all regulations must also be taken into account to ensure you are in compliance along the way during a lab relocation.

Factors to Consider for a Safe Lab Relocation


The most important thing you should know before moving a lab is all of the regulations and laws associated with moving chemicals to a new location. The company that moves your chemicals should be in compliance with EPA, OSHA, DOT, and other local or state laws and ordinances.

Waste Disposal

The first step in relocating a lab is to identify what chemicals will no longer be needed in the new location, what chemicals (if any) are obsolete, and what chemicals are expired or used. These containers should be disposed of before moving the lab to ensure no extra costs are incurred and you are in compliance at the new facility.

Hiring Experts

It is imperative that a qualified company is hired to relocate your lab for you. In fact, there are special permits and hazardous materials licensing required to transport hazardous materials over the road, by air, or via water. Only those trained in hazardous materials transportation are fully qualified to package and transport laboratory materials to a new location.


After chemicals are moved out of the lab, it is also important to consider decontamination and decommissioning your lab. Hazardous materials are inherently dangerous, and ensuring your laboratory is free of all hazards once you leave relieves you of any environmental liabilities.


Once your chemicals make it to their new location, the materials need to be organized by hazard and compatibility and stored in a safe, compliant space.

Chemical moves and laboratory relocations require a wide range of skills and permits. A company that lacks in any area could result in fines from the EPA, DOT, or other regulatory bodies or worse, cause harm to individuals and the environment.

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