Did you know that you can get customized, expert help with compliance, hazardous materials management, and health and safety? At Maine Labpack Inc., our hazardous materials experts work with you to provide solutions to compliance infractions in the workplace.

Our hazardous waste audit begins with a walk-through of your facility to identify areas of concern. Once a walk-through is complete, a report is generated listing infractions with the corresponding state, local or federal regulation it violates. Maine Labpack Inc. then provides a simple solution to remedy the violation and maintain compliance.

In addition to audits we provide:

  • Chemical and hazardous waste management plans
  • Chemical hygiene plan assistance
  • Chemical packing for transport and/or disposal
  • Cost-effective chemical disposal

Onsite Health & Safety Services

In addition to a one time audit, Maine Labpack Inc. offers routine checks of your facility. Whether you need help with chemical management weekly, monthly, or yearly, arrangements can be made to help you manage health and safety, chemical storage, and hazardous waste disposal.

To inquire about a hazardous waste audit for your facility, please request a quote today!